Here’s a Fun Short Story for My Fans

  Sunday Morning Laundry By James O. Youngcliff As practical, mundane, and boring a task can be, Sunday morning laundry turned life upside down for Clare. No, she didn’t find a love note, or a hotel-motel rendezvous receipt in her husband’s pants pocket as she inspected his clothes. Undoubtedly, she’d welcomed a broken heart over […]

Looking Back at a Very Productive Year

Well… I’m back in Florida  Great family Holiday vacation without much of the usual squabbles, except for one: the dogs caused a bit of a problem. Much to do with them this year: barking, feeding, and stepping in s**t, perhaps it would have been better if we all had left them in kennels back home, […]

A New BluBerrie Adventure Available Now!

Boy, it seems that this year has been one productive one for me I can’t emphasize how crazy writing, promoting, and drawing can be when you’ve published four books: The CandyStore, The Pickled Man, The Golden Steed, and now, The Gallery! By the time I get around to one phase of the work, I’ve forgotten […]

BluBerrie: The Gallery is Available for Pre-Orders

CAN’T WAIT FOR BLACK FRIDAY! I have a good reason for not posting: I’ve been finishing up on my latest novel: BluBerrie: The Gallery. The only thing left to do on it is to replace certain illustrations with better artwork and then, it will be done. Jacabo Studio, my publisher, is shooting for November 29th […]

The Golden Steed is Published!

Now Available in PaperBack I have not heard from Amazon Kindle Tech, so I had to release both the digital and paperback versions of my new children’s chapter book, The Magical, Mystical Golden Steed to capture the Labor Day Holiday benefits. Unfortunately, Hurricane Dorian got all eyes glued to the news and weather forecasts, and […]

Quick Shorts on What’s Happening

Chance to Win a Free Children’s Book The chance for a Giveaway is over for the children’s book, BluBerrie: The CandyStore with two winners. It took two weeks for the prizes to go but the exposure was great. I like to thank the many folks who signed up.  Anyone who missed out can have another […]

Over 80 Entrants in My Free Giveaway

A lot of folks are entering their chance to win copies of my BluBerrie: The CandyStore children’s book. Midway through the free contest and I’m encouraged by the participation. Truth to the matter, I needed some encouragement and this investment in Amazon’s Giveaway promotion for authors has helped. Let’s hope I can get some more […]